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The Touring Musician's Survival Guide - Paperback


The concept behind The Touring Musician's Survival Guide is to educate younger, aspiring or existing musicians about the realities of a life on tour; What to expect, to watch out for, to maintain, to do, to learn...all with the aims of making you a more well rounded, equipped and employable musician in today's industry.


Written by musicians for musicians from first hand experience, consider me your checklist, your first aid kit, your careers advisor and your life coach all rolled into one step-by-step musical manual.


​Welcome to The Touring Musician's Survival Guide!

Is this book for me?

  • Ever wonder how your favourite artist found their band?

  • Do you want to put yourself in the best position to be selected for a tour?

  • Interested in what a life on the road is really like...and how to make it financially sustainable?

  • Do you struggle with poor mental or physical health due to the instabilities of music?

  • Wanting to organize your own tour or secure support slots, but unsure where to start?

  • Just graduated or starting your career?

Then, YES! This book can help YOU!

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"How do I get the gig?"


Find what Pro musical directors look for when selecting musicians for their artists and how to put yourself on their radar!

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  • Tour Management

  • Musical Gear

  • Rehearsal

  • Packing for Tour

  • What to Expect

  • Transport: Sleeper v Splitter

  • Downtime Efficiency

  • Daily Timings

  • Money

  • The Business: Do's & Dont's

  • Dealing with Stress & Negativity

  • Chain of Command

  • Diet

  • Alcohol

  • Sleep

  • Fitness

  • Mental Health: Anxiety / Depression / Burnout

  • Tips to Alleviate Symptoms

  • What is Networking?

  • My Success Story

  • Networking on Tour

  • What is a Musical Director?

  • What do they look for in employing musicians?

  • Self Employment

  • What are Expenses?

  • Getting Paid

  • Set your Business up the Correct Way

  • How to get Support Slots

  • Reduce your footprint

  • Benefits of simple setups

  • Merchandise & Promotion

Your questions answered truthfully and to the point.

Words of wisdom from the Professionals in their various fields. 

Engineers, Artists, MD's, Session Players...

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